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Struggling with everything you're juggling? 

Take a minute to check out our daily message of hope as well as tools and events to help you care for your heart. My name is Valerie Howe. I am an author, blogger, radio host, and speaker. Check out my website.  Seriously!


Seriously! Sisterhood

Looking for a way to connect with women who are serious about their faith?

The Seriously! Sisterhood could be just the group for you! Devotional content, video chats with Val, and surprises are included. Want to learn more? Click on the button below, and we'll make sure you stay in the loop!


Val is coming to a town near you!

Come and learn how to let God care for your heart. And then learn how He uses interruptions in your daily walk as your heart is prepared.


Check out
my blog!

Frequent messages of
hope to help you
juggle everything
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Don't forget to check out my radio show!

90.7 KTTK Power FM Monday through Friday 7:10am and 4:10pm Central time. Also on live at 7:22pm

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