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Struggling with everything you're juggling? 

Take a minute to check out our daily message of hope as well as tools and events to help you care for your heart. My name is Valerie Howe. I am an author, blogger, radio host, and speaker. Check out my website.  Seriously!


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You Are Made For Greatness Seriously!

Want to live the life you dream? The one God created you to live? In this five-step course, you'll explore your unique personality and how you can persevere in living out your purpose. You will become more aware of where you are now, where you want to go, and learn how to get there. Get your free 1-hour coaching session today! Two bonus coaching sessions for the first 25 to sign up. Click on the button below to sign up now!


Val is coming to a town near you!

Come and learn how to let God care for your heart. And then learn how He uses interruptions in your daily walk as your heart is prepared.


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