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The Seriously Tour

Worship Music with Celisa Harris and Worship Message with Valerie Howe. Come and learn how to let God care for your heart. And then learn how He uses interruptions in your daily walk as your heart is prepared. It's a simple and seriously useable message! We are praying you will never be the same!


Has your faith been shaken? Is the ground you are standing on crumbling beneath your feet? Join us for a wome's conference of strengthening and renewal!

Speakers: Valerie Howe, Brenda Poinsett, Kristi Neace

Dates: Saturday September 9th.

Location: Hillcrest Baptist Church. Lebenon, MO

Times: 9:30am to 3:30pm (Doors open at 9am)

Cost: $20, lunch included. If you register before August 15.  ($25 after August 15th, no lunch)

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