Starts with "W"


Luke 2:19 says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”.

Many years ago we were playing a game of I Spy in the Howe minivan. Four-year-old Tori said, “I spy something grey that starts with “W”.

The other four children guessed and guessed, but she kept saying that their answers were wrong. It was quite a lengthy period before everyone gave up.

Timothy especially liked to win. He had guessed the word “road” several times. When he finally gave up, Tori declared, “It’s the ‘woad,’ the ‘woad’. I win, I win!”

Tim declared she definitely had not won. She just couldn’t talk plain.  

Tori is now in her 20s but nevertheless insists that the word is now and always will be pronounced ‘woad’. She and Timothy often banter back and forth about this good memory from the minivan. Timothy still insists, “That’s ridiculous!”

Tori always replies, “I’m still the winner.”

It made me think that good memories make us all winners.  

Luke 2:19 reminds us that Mary treasured up these things in her heart as she remembered Jesus’ birth and all of its events. She won a marvelous victory in her mind.  

Take time to remember some happy events today. You and your family will all come out winners!

And there you go!

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