Love keeps no record of wrongs! Seriously!

Sometimes we are wronged and we can’t put a finger on what it was that even happened to us. Maybe we’ve been taken advantage of in some way and we can’t figure out why things won’t work out differently.

We rehash our situation and remember all that’s happened to sort out how reconciliation can take place and to “see” the sin in our own hearts. In this case it’s not to “nail” the person for his offense, but to get our own hearts clean and to forgive the other person.

But holding a grudge and getting offended by another's actions over and over just to remember what he has done to ultimately get revenge… This is keeping a record of wrongs. Love doesn’t do that.

I read a quote in the Bible study, “Never Ever Be the Same”, It says…If we love someone we want them to come to repentance from sin while all the time seeking reconciliation—which may or may not be possible, but either way our scorekeeping ends.  And there you go.

Love is Kind? Seriously!

One evening when our son, Taylor, was 4 yrs old, his daddy and he got home from church before the other kids and I arrived. He was hungry, but also very tired, so his dad told him to go on to his bedroom and lay down and mom would be home soon to fix him something to eat.

On Sunday evenings, I fixed popcorn, cheese sticks, and bananas, and the kids drank milk with that. Not much of a supper I suppose, but it was our tradition. That night, Taylor slept through supper and we did not wake him up—an act he didn’t take kindly because at 5am he let out a blood-curdling scream. I really thought the house was on fire or something. As he ran down the stairs, I called out “Taylor, what is wrong?” As I got to him, he was crying and I got down, looked at him face to face holding his little arms as he cried out, “I missed supper.”

Kindly, I said “It’s ok. We will have breakfast soon.” So he went back to bed and slept until then.

Kindness is like that. It disarms even the foulest of situations. Let’s put out some fires with kindness today. How bout it?  And there you go!

Love stands it’s ground in defending another (1 Corinthians 13) Seriously!

Have you ever been in a position where you knew and even believed you were right. Others understood your position, but no one in your situation had the courage to stand with you when you were called to task on the issue?

Well, I have and it doesn’t feel good. I heard a story about Abraham Lincoln when he stood at a slave auction one day. He bought a young lady and she was brought to him. He told her then that she was free. She didn’t understand, and kept following him. He kept explaining she was “free”. She said something to the effect that he was her master and he kept telling her ”no”. Finally, she understood and asked him if she was “free” with him, then she wanted to go work for him. And so away they went—not master and servant, but employer and employee.

He didn’t yell, he didn’t shoot other’s at the slave auction or burn or loot to defend her. He quietly set her free. He defended her right to be a free person with very few words. Sometimes we must defend our country and our God with forceful and assertive means. 

But I wonder, can you, and most often I, defend others by prayer and words that calm the situation. How will you defend someone and free them in love? Think about it and please email me your answers and thoughts today.  And there you go!

Love is not rude (1 Corinthians 13). Seriously!

What does it mean to be rude? One dictionary suggests that it means to be coarse or uncouth.

I wonder sometimes if in our American society being coarse has become “normal”. For instance, language that is perverted and off-color jokes or movies don’t offend us as they may have in the past. But honestly, rude or coarse apply here, I believe.

When we think of ourselves so much more than we care for others, that’s when we become rude. We don’t really care at all what other’s feelings are if we want to say or do whatever it is we want to say or do. We are free to express ourselves after all. 

But as Christians we are commanded that if it offends our brother, we should not say or do whatever we want. If it causes another person to stumble or even hurt themselves, we should refrain form such action or speech. We have become so rude that if we are offended we believe it’s our right to defend ourselves. Or in the case of bullying—even to tell someone else that his or her life just isn’t worth living (and say such atrocities even on social media).

But love, brothers or sisters, builds up and is polite and mannerly; always considering the feeling of others, and even correcting in gentleness.

Today and everyday, let’s do and say kind things…And remember with me; Love is not rude.  And there you go.

Love never fails 1 Corinthians 13 says. No it doesn’t, Seriously!

I don’t like failing, do you? I really don’t enjoy losing at all. I’m certain you could say, I am a competitor. I like to win. So if I want to win every time, then I need to be loving as this passage teaches.

For love never fails! It draws others in . It causes me to think and be able to hear God’s voice—even His convicting voice when I sin. Because He loves me so much He doesn’t want me to continue in my sin.

If I follow the loving path of Christ, I must forsake myself; and even when it’s hard, love others who cause me hurt or possibly even harm. This is Christ’s call and loving strategy and it never fails.

I want to win the race! I want victory in this life and in the one to come. Christ assures me that when love is put into action, it never fails. I and others will win! So let’s try it together.  And there you go!