God's Kingdom Now & Forever


Matthew 6:10a says, “your kingdom come”

We as Christ’s followers are the kingdom of God, and our King is Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. As His Kingdom subjects, we are to spread the good news that His kingdom is for all who want to worship our King. He is looking for worshippers who deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Him.

One day our King will come on a white horse and set up His kingdom on earth. For now, He lives in us and He’s given us the mission of the kingdom.

The good news is this King loves us enough that He died for our sins and rose again, so we could live forever in the kingdom with Him—reigning with Him. He’s the greatest King ever!

And there you go!

Good Works! Seriously!


Have you ever made anything and been truly pleased and satisfied with your production? Don’t tune me out because you are not an artist…because neither am I. To my artist friends, however; my hat is off to you for your amazing works of art in painting or crafts.

I have made a few items, such as a decoupage doll and some ceramics, and I felt pretty good about making them. But my masterpieces often come in the form of pies or bread. When the meringue stands high and the rolls are deliciously baking and wafting their aroma, I am satisfied that I have accomplished something significant and of pleasure to others.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

We are His masterpieces and He created us in Christ Jesus to do good works. How satisfying and what pleasure it must bring our Father when we do what we were prepared to do before He even set us on this earth! When we walk in deeds of love - doing good works - His beauty shows through us. His work of art bringing glory to Him!

May He use us as we were intended today. And there you go!

Beautiful! Seriously!


I’ve rarely considered myself beautiful. But in Ezekiel 16:13 God says “so you were exceedingly beautiful and advanced to royalty!”

1 Peter 2:5 tells me I’m part of a holy priesthood, together with living stones built to a spiritual house acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. And Christians everywhere, so are you! We are acceptable because of Jesus Christ!

He has sought us!
He has bought us!
He has beat death!
He is in us!

To say we are unworthy is not saying what God thinks about us. He made us worthy. He chose us to be His own. He chose to make us His -  to be holy, speaking His truth - and show Himself through our bodies, His temple! Our value to Him is infinite. His love never ceases toward us. His plan to win the world works through us!

Rejoice, exceedingly beautiful one. You have advanced to royalty. For if you know Jesus, you are a child of the King.  And there you go!

What's in a Name?

name (1).png

Philippians 2:9-11 says, “God highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him a name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on the earth and under the earth, and that every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Seriously!

What’s in a name? A lot! Each of our names have meaning, and it’s an interesting study to find out what your name means. Valerie means “of determined purpose.” It truly fits me in lots of ways. God made me for a determined purpose! That’s amazing! But my determination could be labeled tenacity at times; stubbornness at others. As for my purpose, may I fulfill what God made me to do. May my life add value to others and glorify God!

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
 And hears me when I call

One day, now or later, we will bow before Jesus, whose names means “God is Salvation”. Doing it now will lead to salvation and eternal life. Doing it after He comes back will only be an acknowledgment. While both give glory to God - if you haven’t done so already - I hope today will be the day.  And there you go!