Working for our Good


Matthew 6:13a says, “And lead us not into temptation…”

We are assured in the book of James, chapter 1, verse 13 that God does not tempt us. So what is Jesus saying in this section of the Lord’s prayer?

Do you suppose when we learn to see that God is not our tempter but is always working for our good, it is then we have assurance He is our Savior?

There are three truths you must nail down before a tragedy or crisis of any kind strikes.

  1. God is good.

  2. God loves me.

  3. God has a purpose for everything.

We have to believe these with all our heart when life is going smoothly so we won’t wonder about God’s goodness, love, and purpose when hard things happen to us. We need to be prepared because we have no idea when tragedy will strike.

Think on these truths, and hide them in your heart. God does not tempt us. He loves us, and He’s good. His purposes are eternal.

And there you go!

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