Able to Deliver

Daily bread.png

Matthew 6:11 says, “Give us today our daily bread.”

God will provide! Ask Him, church! 

He’s aware of our need for food, drink and clothing. Each day we live is a gift from Him. He knows what every day will be like and exactly what we will need as we go about it.

Jesus is telling us in this passage to have faith that God will provide our needs for today. In Exodus 16, the Israelites trusted He would provide food for that day. God rained down bread from heaven in the form of manna. They were not to hoard for tomorrow, but rather trust that God would again provide the following day. For those who disobeyed and gathered too much, there were worms in their manna. Exodus 16:20 tells us it was really quite stinky!

Tell Him your needs for today, brothers & sisters. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Today has enough trouble of its own. You can trust Him. He is able to deliver, and He’s always right on time.

And there you go!

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