For God disciplines those He loves. Seriously!

Hebrews 12 tells us not to lose heart at God when He rebukes us because He punishes everyone He accepts as a son, and in between those two statements lies the words “the Lord disciplines those He loves”.

I feel mighty loved sometimes. How about you? Friends and neighbors this should give us such hope. We are His and He’s not fed up on us.

His kindness and discipline lead us in the growth process of holiness. We will one day be like Him, and on that day we will understand why He disciplined us the way He did. Just as your children cannot always understand the “why” of discipline when it is being implanted so we may not understand God’s discipline when it is being applied, but we can rejoice in the fact that we do know we are “true sons” as verse 7 tells us and not illegitimate children. Praise God for that! And there you go!


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