Matthew 5:11…Blessed are you when people insult you. Seriously!

I don’t like to be insulted and I especially don’t enjoy being treated like I’m stupid. And if I am treated in this manner, I sometimes don’t respond the way I should.

Recently when I told a friend how hurt I was over a situation, she asked me if we could call that wounding “sin”. “Really”, I said? “Yes”, she replied “because Valerie, you can choose whether or not you will become wounded.”

Wow! I never thought of that. I made a pact with myself this year not to be the victim. Others may be wishing you or I ill-will or hurt, but Jesus says if they insult you for His sake Rejoice and be Glad.

And even if it isn’t for Christ’s sake, I can learn from criticism and act differently in situations—not reacting negatively, but responding with compassion.  And there you go!


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