Marching…Hup 2, 3, 4…Spreading the fragrance of Christ wherever we go. Seriously!

Our King leads us in a Triumph march as we go along daily spreading the sweet fragrance of Christ. Sometimes I’m not sure the smell I give up is a flowery scent or a heavenly perfume. Oftentimes it’s easier to give off a skank like aroma with the way I’m acting.

But thankfully Christ let’s us walk in a parade of flowers not giving off our own smelly scent, but instead His godly one, and if we do mess up, He helps us get back in step and march once again in time—where the enchanting aroma lingers way past the time of it’s passing by!

So today, whenever someone “smells” you and me, what will it be more like…sweet smelling perfume or attic moth balls. Let’s opt for the former and stay in step with the parade master!  And there you go!

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