Love stands it’s ground in defending another (1 Corinthians 13) Seriously!

Have you ever been in a position where you knew and even believed you were right. Others understood your position, but no one in your situation had the courage to stand with you when you were called to task on the issue?

Well, I have and it doesn’t feel good. I heard a story about Abraham Lincoln when he stood at a slave auction one day. He bought a young lady and she was brought to him. He told her then that she was free. She didn’t understand, and kept following him. He kept explaining she was “free”. She said something to the effect that he was her master and he kept telling her ”no”. Finally, she understood and asked him if she was “free” with him, then she wanted to go work for him. And so away they went—not master and servant, but employer and employee.

He didn’t yell, he didn’t shoot other’s at the slave auction or burn or loot to defend her. He quietly set her free. He defended her right to be a free person with very few words. Sometimes we must defend our country and our God with forceful and assertive means. 

But I wonder, can you, and most often I, defend others by prayer and words that calm the situation. How will you defend someone and free them in love? Think about it and please email me your answers and thoughts today.  And there you go!

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