Love keeps no record of wrongs! Seriously!

Sometimes we are wronged and we can’t put a finger on what it was that even happened to us. Maybe we’ve been taken advantage of in some way and we can’t figure out why things won’t work out differently.

We rehash our situation and remember all that’s happened to sort out how reconciliation can take place and to “see” the sin in our own hearts. In this case it’s not to “nail” the person for his offense, but to get our own hearts clean and to forgive the other person.

But holding a grudge and getting offended by another's actions over and over just to remember what he has done to ultimately get revenge… This is keeping a record of wrongs. Love doesn’t do that.

I read a quote in the Bible study, “Never Ever Be the Same”, It says…If we love someone we want them to come to repentance from sin while all the time seeking reconciliation—which may or may not be possible, but either way our scorekeeping ends.  And there you go.

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