Love is not rude (1 Corinthians 13). Seriously!

What does it mean to be rude? One dictionary suggests that it means to be coarse or uncouth.

I wonder sometimes if in our American society being coarse has become “normal”. For instance, language that is perverted and off-color jokes or movies don’t offend us as they may have in the past. But honestly, rude or coarse apply here, I believe.

When we think of ourselves so much more than we care for others, that’s when we become rude. We don’t really care at all what other’s feelings are if we want to say or do whatever it is we want to say or do. We are free to express ourselves after all. 

But as Christians we are commanded that if it offends our brother, we should not say or do whatever we want. If it causes another person to stumble or even hurt themselves, we should refrain form such action or speech. We have become so rude that if we are offended we believe it’s our right to defend ourselves. Or in the case of bullying—even to tell someone else that his or her life just isn’t worth living (and say such atrocities even on social media).

But love, brothers or sisters, builds up and is polite and mannerly; always considering the feeling of others, and even correcting in gentleness.

Today and everyday, let’s do and say kind things…And remember with me; Love is not rude.  And there you go.

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