Love is Kind? Seriously!

One evening when our son, Taylor, was 4 yrs old, his daddy and he got home from church before the other kids and I arrived. He was hungry, but also very tired, so his dad told him to go on to his bedroom and lay down and mom would be home soon to fix him something to eat.

On Sunday evenings, I fixed popcorn, cheese sticks, and bananas, and the kids drank milk with that. Not much of a supper I suppose, but it was our tradition. That night, Taylor slept through supper and we did not wake him up—an act he didn’t take kindly because at 5am he let out a blood-curdling scream. I really thought the house was on fire or something. As he ran down the stairs, I called out “Taylor, what is wrong?” As I got to him, he was crying and I got down, looked at him face to face holding his little arms as he cried out, “I missed supper.”

Kindly, I said “It’s ok. We will have breakfast soon.” So he went back to bed and slept until then.

Kindness is like that. It disarms even the foulest of situations. Let’s put out some fires with kindness today. How bout it?  And there you go!

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