No one can snatch us out of our Father’s hand. Seriously! And Praise the Lord!

Have you ever shaken hands with someone whose hand goes limp as you are shaking it? Yuck!

Now how about someone who shakes your hand so hard it squeezes your ring into your fingers? Ouch!

Personally, I prefer ouch to yuck! A firm handshake makes me feel secure, loved, preferred if you will.

My Father’s hands are tight around me, He gives me eternal life and I am totally covered by His great big amazing hand. Nobody can snatch me from God because I have been given to the Lord Jesus Christ!

I trust Him that eternal means, eternal life, starting the minute I receive Him and forevermore I am His!

Are you in secure hands today? If the Spirit of God lives in you, you are! If not, why not ask Him to hold you tight and literally never let you go?!

He’s waiting to hear from you! And there you go.

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