I love, love, love the smell of homemade bread baking! OK Seriously!

Is your mouth watering yet? Do you wish you had a piece of warm bread with butter and maybe honey butter, apple butter or jelly? Hmmm

Jesus said, “I am the bread of Life.” Imagine--God the Father in human form would truly come and be food for me; for my life? As in feeding my soul warm bread to restore and nourish me.

I remember being honestly starving one time. It happened when I rode a gondola up to the fortress of Masada in Israel. It was a flat community on a rock plateau where a group of Jews once had to escape Roman rule in the 1st century. In the mountain were water reservoirs and jarred foods--some which were sealed so well that they remain editable to this day. In this desert at the top of this dusty plateau of rocks--food and water on a regular 2-3 hour basis is essential for life. We were told to keep hydrated and to bring snacks which most of us didn’t fully appreciate.

When we arrived for dinner at our hotel that night, everyone ate and drank at a very fast pace without speaking. 

I have an idea for all of us today and ever day; let’s crave Jesus like warm bread or more exactly like our souls will starve without Him. For He Seriously is the Bread of Life!  And there you go.

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