A person must remain quiet to listen! Seriously!

“If anyone hears my voice”, Jesus says as He knocks at a person’s door, “I will come in...”

In Revelation 3:20 He describes what it takes for that to happen. A person must be earnest and repent because whom I love I rebuke and discipline, Jesus tells us.

Almost daily, it is becoming more and more obvious to me that God loves me a lot because discipline and rebuke are my best friends. If I listen to Him when He corrects me and I turn from my sin I am truly hearing from Him and though it takes courage to face my wrongs--He gives me that courage and forgives and cleanses me from everything I’m guilty of doing wrong. And besides He comes in and wants to be with me--to fellowship over a meal as we enjoy one another’s company.

So I would like to thank God for the ability to be quiet and hear from Him! Would you do the same today?

He wants to be with you.  And there you go.

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