Rejoice in the Lord Always! Seriously!

A friend of mine recently asked about my 3 schnauzers. We discussed how old they are and how my husband and I would miss them when they were gone.

She then expressed a helpful thought with me. She said that though we would miss them we should just be glad, rejoice that we were able to have them at all. After-all, they do bring joy while they are here, and memories of joy when they are gone.

This can even apply to loved ones who we miss dearly. Remembering my grandma, my babies that went to heaven before me, and my mentor, Mary Ella, gives me sorrow; but also joy to remember what love we shared.

Sometimes deep grief and depression itself can set in, but as believers in Christ, we know we will see our loved ones in Christ again!

I also rejoice that they cheer me on in my earthly journey--saying it will all be worth it when we again meet and rejoice around His Throne.

Believers, hold on to rejoicing and bring as many others with you as possible. That’s how we find joy in the journey. And there you go.

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