...her sins, which are many, are forgiven. Seriously!

Hallelujah and praise the Lord for that! A picture comes to my mind when I think of getting to heaven in front of the judgment throne. Picture with me a courtroom with Jesus as the defense attorney. You know you are guilty of sin by the score. You deserve the punishment of death and hell. As you think of what to do next you run and get behind Jesus and point around Him so as not to be noticed hiding there and say--Father, you say that if I trusted Him with my life and turned from my sin He would forgive me. I did that so I plead His blood to cover me and all my sins now.

In that moment I believe all of us who have Jesus in our hearts will hear the Father say...Her sins, which are many are forgiven.

That’s all we’ve got to stand on and praise God it’s all we need! I pray you will ponder that thought with me today!  

And there you go.

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