Mary’s little lamb is not too bright. Seriously!

I mean it’s fleece may be white as snow, but it’s not because the shepherd doesn’t work hard to clean it when it’s sheered.

Sheep can’t find a place to rest--the shepherd has to get them to the still water. Sheep also would want for food if it weren’t for the shepherd’s direction to green pastures.

Sometimes sheep even need to be turned right side up because if they get on their back they can’t get up by themselves. Fortunately, they do know the good shepherd’s voice and will follow him because they truly know he will care for them.

That’s all it takes really--to know the Good Shepherd’s voice, and that’s all it takes for us too. When we hear our Shepherd, Jesus, call us; we just simply need to follow and can trust His rod and staff to be a comfort for us.

Today, practice listening, then following the Shepherd’s instruction. He promises goodness and mercy all the days of our life and ultimately a place to dwell with God forever. It doesn’t take many smarts to understand that this is a great deal.  

And there you go.

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