Attached? Seriously!

Sin will keep you from the Word or the Word will keep you from sin.

Just as branches are connected to a vine, so we are to abide with our Savior. As a matter of fact attachment to the Vine is the way we produce fruit.

So are we talking about grapes or flowers perhaps? Not quite, but just as these fruits are produced on a vine with branches, so we who keep abiding in Christ produce spiritual fruit. In John 15 we are told that without Him we can nothing.

So what’s the fruit look like? Galatians 5 tells us exactly! When we cling to our Lord, we bring forth love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control--the fruit of His Spirit. Often times we get distracted and don’t keep in as close connection as we should, then things like hate, worry, harshness, and lack of discipline show up; which amount to nothing God has for us to produce.

To dwell in Christ is to live a life of minute by minute trust in which moment by moment nourishment produces the spiritual fruit He desires.

So how about it? Let’s stay connected to Jesus today and see what fruit we can share with others.  

And there you go.

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