Tell my brother I love him! Seriously!

If my brother and I engaged in sibling rivalry and my mother was around-she disciplined us by making us hug each other and then say to each other “I love you.”

Talk about Yuck! But do you know that to this day I DO love my brother.

Sometimes he was annoying! Sometimes he just flat out made me mad!  Sometimes I wanted to slug him and at times I wished I didn’t even have a brother. Am I ringing a bell with anyone? 

1 John 4:11 says in the Amplified Bible, “Beloved if God loved us so (very much), we also ought to love one another.”

A busy clerk needs a word of kindness.

A worn-out teacher needs a hug and a smile.

Someone may even need to hear the words I love you and maybe even have a need met.

Find that someone who you can love on today.

And there you go...

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