Wives submit to your husbands. Seriously!

Ok, Ok, this is not necessarily what I would have picked to talk about today, but submit really isn’t a four-letter word and possibly not as unfriendly as we have made it out to be.

Just think every operation has to have a leader. In the family, God made that leader the man. The verse in Ephesians just before the verse we are talking on says believers are to submit to one another too.

So, the conclusion I get here is that often husbands are called to sacrifice what they want or even need for the sake of their wives. They are to love like Christ loves the church. It’s not hard to submit to a man who would     literally give his life for you, but what about when he doesn’t act like that?

Again, remember in submitting we allow the Holy Spirit to correct and possibly even discipline our husbands. And He’s the one who can not only show him his fault, but also forgive him and fix it.

So if I look at submitting as truly doing what God commands, He will work out the rest. I’d really love to hear from you on this post! And there you go.

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