Submit to one another. Seriously!

Don’t turn the radio off! Please! I heard a true story from Walker Moore of Awe Star Ministries. When he told me that submitting is one of our biggest weapons against the enemy. It allows God to work on the other person  rather than our puny arguments trying to work on them. In the story he advised a teenage boy to submit to his dad who refused to let him go to another country on a mission trip. The boy knew that God had called him to   go, but he thanked his dad that he was the authority and that he told him no. His father went to work and bragged that he had told his son “no” to going to a foreign county to minister to the nationals there. Although his    co-workers chastised him and one of them said he wished his son just wanted to go on such a trip to help others.

Guess what? After that day at work, God changed the dad’s heart. He apologized to his son and told him he could go. Lives were changed on the trip, but maybe none so much as the submissive son and a repentant and renewed dad.

Submission—it’s a command—it’s a weapon—and it defeats the enemy when we obey!

Try it today with a difficult person and let the Holy Spirit work on your behalf! He’s the master creating changed hearts!  And there you go!

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