4-letter words. Seriously?!

Have you ever noticed that Holy and Obey are both four letter words? I mean, Seriously!

1 Peter 1:14-16 says obedient children need to live holy lives. Specifically, in v. 16, God says “Be holy, because I am holy.”

What does it mean to be holy? “Dedicated or devoted to the service of God” according to dictionary.reference.com. Obey means to “follow commands or instructions.”

So if I am living a holy life, I will obey the instructions God gives me because I’m set apart for His service. He loved us—He died for us—He forgave us. He asks us to obey so that we are truly free to live holy lives.

So let’s rethink those 4-letter words; Obey and Holy. It’s another 4-letter word that makes them possible; LOVE. Let’s be holy and obedient through Christ’s love today.  And there you go.

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