Tell everyone in the meeting I’m fasting. Seriously!

Our pastor attended a meeting I was overseeing for a women’s conference. In the middle of the meeting I felt God telling me to say I was going to fast and pray three days if anyone wanted to join me.  The Holy Spirit kept convicting me but I kept arguing in my mind saying that Matthew 6:16 said not to say anything as the hypocrites do when you fast and pray.  

Finally, I said I was fasting and praying and a strange thing happened.  Our pastor had felt led to lead our congregation to fast and pray but he had been afraid that we would think him crazy, radical.  But after I mentioned that I was fasting, his next sermon called the church to fast one-day a week for a year, praying specifically for direction for our church.

Through this effort a missions program began.  Mission trips, changing of hearts and salvations still go on to this day.  Learn the lesson with me-do what the Holy Spirit tells you to do today-you never know what God’s up to in the direction He gives you just now.  

And there you go.

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