I need God’s wisdom. Seriously!

Sometimes I wait until a situation gets totally out of control and then I ask for God’s wisdom.  And that reminds me I could be proactive and ask God for wisdom before I even face a trying situation.

My husband, Kenny, was given wise instruction from his youth minister when he was a teenager.  The minister advised his youth group that every day for the rest of their lives it was vital for them to pray for wisdom.  Kenny has remembered that over the years and he says that God has answered his prayer for wisdom on numerous occasions.  

And seriously, why wouldn’t God answer that prayer?  He promised in James 1 to give wisdom generously without even blaming us for our ignorance, no matter how stupid or trivial the request may seem.  All He asks in verse 6 is that we don’t doubt that He will supply us with wisdom because if we doubt we will not receive anything from Him!

So why get tossed around like the waves in the sea?  Ask God for wisdom for whatever situation you are facing and you will find an anchor even when the storms come.

And there you go!

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