“Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry!” Ouch, seriously!

That’s 1 quick and 2 slows.  But we live in a society where quick wins over slow every time.  In God’s economy, however, two slows beat one quick any day.

I think it’s the fact in this verse that if you really listen, the need to speak and become angry will subside as you actually understand not only what the other person is saying, but why he or she feels the way they do.

Then, when it is your turn to speak you will be heard and seen as understanding which lowers the chance of anger in the situation being discussed. 

This verse is harder to apply than understand for me.  So today I want to end with this prayer:  Father God, help me really take time to listen to those I have conversations with today and always, so that when I need to speak up I do so in love and not in anger.  Please help me to pray in any given moment as my friend Kathy Collard Miller taught me when I’m tempted to become angry, “Take it quick Lord.”  

And there you go!

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