A fool doesn’t take instruction. Seriously!

When Timothy was a tweenager, he bowled on a junior league. He became frustrated because after being instructed on the techniques which would improve his game, he still persisted in bowling in the habit be had learned for himself. >>side note: God said, I didn’t take the instruction to be quiet.<<

I whispered in his ear, “Tim, the Bible says a fool does not take instruction.” So he decided he would follow the methods that had been given to him. That year he placed at state. He followed the directions and I wish that’s where the story ended. But...

I have been on a bowling league for 4 yrs. Two years ago, Tim asked me what my average was now. I told him it was around 140. He said, “Mom, you’ve been bowling all this time and you still have a 140 average?” Ouch. I needed the Bible’s advice for myself, the same advise I had given Tim. So this foolish woman followed the instructions this year to improve my bowling game. I moved my feet over slightly to my right and guess what? I improved my average from the previous year. Funny how scripture is always correct.  And there you go!

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