1 Corinthian’s says...Love is patient. Seriously!

Malorie, our 2nd daughter, is going to be an official doctor of Osteopathy tomorrow (Lord willing), and we will get to see her be pinned as she graduates from medical school in KC. What patience it has taken her to get to her goal. Soon her residency as a physician delivering babies and working with women in gynecology will begin.

It takes love to be patient. Dedicated, self-sacrificing, unbending, and persevering patience to become a physician. It takes the love of Christ and the filling of the Holy Spirit to be lovingly patient when you feel like quitting as a follower of His. But His love is patient; never-ending, never giving up on us, and boy aren’t we glad of that?!

To run the race set before us will take more patience than we physically, mentally, financially; or without Christ, spiritually possess. But keeping our eyes on Him we’ll find ourselves at the finish line in victory with His proclamation of “well done!”

To Malorie I say well done Dr. Howe. Your patience has paid off--you did it! And to her and all of us I say--we are not done yet here on earth, but be patient my friends--the King is on the ready and any moment, we as His followers are going home forever to be with Him.

There’s a race that must be run; there’s a victory to be won so be patient child of God. Every hour by His power keeps us true until we get to the other side with patience. And there you go!

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