Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God the Lord is one Lord. (Deuteronomy 6:4) Seriously!

There are many things that we, like the Israelites, forget. Things like why we serve the one true God, the way God has provided in the past or even who God is--The ONE and ONLY Lord our God! But it’s not profitable to forget these things for sure.

One morning I noticed a pop-up anniversary card on my counter that I had given Kenny in January. It wasn’t quite time for Valentine’s Day and I said to him, “Hey, did you like that Valentine card I gave you?” He said “What Valentine’s card?” I said “The one on the cabinet; Don’t you remember?”

He let those words sit for a minute until I realized it was an anniversary card and Valentine’s Day was still a week away. I said “Oh, that was for our anniversary, right?” He replied “And Val, your keys are in the refrigerator.”

Sometimes it’s true, I do forget things, but one fact I don’t ever want to forget with the Israelites is that there are no other gods because that will definitely get me in trouble and I might end up wondering in a wilderness. 

So think with me today and don’t forget it! Ponder the fact that our Lord--our God, He is the One--there are none others beside Him! Depend on that with your whole life!  And there you go!

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