Lessons I Learned in the Minivan

Yelling at my kids in the Minivan on the way to school.  Seriously!

It was challenging at best to get all five kids out the door each morning. They had places to put their stuff but someone had inevitably had lost something as we were about to leave.  This morning I was yelling at them to hurry and get in the car and I proceeded to yell at them all the way to school.  When the last one got out I was balling!  And I said out loud, “God, why did you even give me these kids?”   

As soon as I said it I knew I was in trouble.  God answered me with a question, “Valerie do you love these children?”

“Yes sir I do.”  I said.  Now I was sobbing. 

“And Valerie do you know that love covers a multitude of sins?”  He asked. “Yes sir I do.” I replied. 

I then ask Him to forgive my angry outburst.  Later that day I asked the kids to forgive me.  God in His merciful discipline restored me that day.  Maybe you like me are in need of forgiveness today-ask and ye shall receive!

And there you go!

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