Count the Cost! Seriously!

To follow Jesus, will cost us, but so does anything you really want to have done in this life. Salvation is a free gift truly, but one that you should consider before you receive, Jesus tells us. Seriously!

It will mean at some point that others won’t like your stand on things. They may call you a bigot. You could possibly even give your earthly life, but if you give your life to Christ as His obedient servant, you will receive eternal life with Him.

No cost is too great then to know Jesus. Our very souls are at stake in this matter. The world often tells us that we are fools to follow this religious stuff, but we follow our leader not just a set of rules. And he is no fool to lose what he cannot keep; to gain what he cannot lose.

Following Jesus then is worth the cost. Please give Him the chance to be your Savior and Master today! And that’s for us all.  And there you go!

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